A non-denominational church in Hendersonville, TN // Sundays 9AM & 10:45AM //

CIL Forward exists so that every person in our church has heard our vision, understands the gospel, is in a relationship with Christ, and is engaging in ministry.
CIL Forward is how you can become a CIL Partner (traditionally called a “member”). There are 3 steps to complete CIL Forward.  This Sunday (January 17), we’ll start a new CIL Forward session.  If you’ve participated in one or two of the three already, you can attend your missing sessions.
Step #1   Sunday, January 20 (During 9am service)
Step #2   Sunday, January 27 (During 9am service)
Step #3   Monday, January 28 (Dinner at 6:30pm)


Register at cil.churchcenter.com.

We want to move forward with you!



He is Enough

Hey everyone!
We are back in a more regular rhythm as 2019 is well underway. For this calendar year, I just want to enjoy the Lord more.
There have been years I have set lots of audacious goals, and that aggressive approach served me well in some areas. Goal-setting can be helpful in certain seasons of our lives. In other times, instead of a focus on resolutions, we need to cherish the
blessings before us, and spend more time in connection with the Father.
Whatever season of life you find yourself in, I hope the CIL family can be a support to you. Each time we gather for a worship service, Bible study, or other church activity, we want to add value to you!
This Sunday I’ll be preaching a sermon called “Through Waters and Fire” from Isaiah 43:1-7. I look forward to sharing God’s word, singing His praises, and going to the table of the Lord with you.
So thankful to love Jesus with you,




Preparing for Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is eleven days away! Don’t panic! Instead of stress and hurry, make a decision right now to enjoy the next few days. Slow down a little bit. Have some meaningful conversations. Soak it all in.
Also, make plans to attend one of our Christmas Eve services. We will have services at 2:00 and 3:30pm. Nursery will be provided through age two. The Christmas Eve service is part of our spiritual formation as His people. The Advent season has been building us towards this celebration. Please invite anyone not part of another congregation to this inspiring and faith-building experience.
Sunday (December 23) is important, too. Our Covenant Partners will have the chance to ratify Rhonda Gregory, Ched Heiss, Tommy Hollinden, and Laura Rivera to the Leadership Board for 2019-20.
I’ll be preaching week three of Advent, as we look to the theme Joy. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday!