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January 24, 2018

 One of the most satisfying experiences I have as a pastor occurs when I discover someone from CIL is connected to a small group.  You may come to CIL for a season because you enjoy what happens in the services, but you will stay when you connect with a friend.  So, invest in a small group.  Nothing is more important to the development of our church than people in relationship.  Plus, you need it!  You may not think so today, but you’ll need a small group tomorrow!
242 (what we call our small groups) meet this Sunday.  You can learn more about groups available to you by clicking here.  A brochure with more information is available for you at the communication counter in the lobby.   Try a group out!  Christian community is worth the effort and commitment.
As we continue the Epiphany season, I am preaching on Deuteronomy 18:15-19.  I cannot wait to share God’s word with you.  His word is full of power, and it is going to change our lives!

January 19, 2018


Will You Be Baptized in February?

If you missed Sunday, I preached a message on water baptism that lifted the value of this sacrament.  If you did not hear it, take a listen at www.indianlake.sermon.net.

In the sermon and 242 Small Groups, we discussed the opportunity for those who were baptize as a child to be baptized as an adult.  While it may not be a necessity for those baptized as child to experience baptism again, it is still a good step to consider.  While a child’s baptism is an important part of our journey, there may be greater significance for you when you take this step as an adult.  Our next scheduled water baptism is on Sunday, February 25th.   If you want to participate in water baptism on that day, fill out this online form.  If you want to talk about it some more, one of our pastors would love to have that conversation with you.  Just let me know!

This Sunday, I will be preaching a message called Resting in His Call from Psalm 62:5-12.  It has been a good season of prayer, so I believe God has a fresh word for you.  Pray with me that He will be glorified through this message, and all the other aspects of worship in which we will participate.

Invite someone you know to CIL this Sunday.  Your invitation could lead to a changed life!

CIL Activities cancelled for January 17, 2018

Wednesday night activities are cancelled for Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

Stay warm and safe!